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Learn key high performance principles that will not only help you to enhance your performance, but also inspire you to expand your potential.

I speak at a variety of events and functions around the world, presenting on topics such as Longevity, Performance and Impact.

I bring together knowledge, skills, and techniques to empower people, allowing them to walk away from my talks with all they need to bring about lasting, sustainable change in their individual lives.

I have spoken to audiences in 5 continents, touching the lives of over 100,000 people I look forward to helping many more raise their vibrations and living the lives of their dreams.


I remember clearly the first time I spoke with intent to an audience.

I was 17 years old and had just started piecing together a thesis on motivation- specifically the impact of exercise on motivation.

Before this point, I was (as many people are) exceptionally scared of public speaking and trembling uncontrollably inside.

Yet the moment I stood there and opened my mouth- everything changed. Passion coursed through my veins and I was overcome with energy and an enormous sense of responsibility to share what I knew.

It was this defining moment that I realised that speaking to an audience was my calling. It was one of the most enjoyable and most impactful things I could do.

I have continued this passion for over 18 years and I speak on topics that I believe can make a true difference in the lives of others.

Every talk I give is customised to the audience and their specific requirements. I invite you to reach out and discuss those requirements with my team and me, and let us begin making reverberating changes in the lives of others today!









Speaking Examples

Enhance & Evolve - Johannesburg 2018

Enhance & Evolve is a one day conference that was designed for those in the Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Home Business scene in Africa.

I established this event to serve leaders from a variety of companies, providing them with tools that can elevate their overall performance in life and business.

In this particular talk, I focus on some of the key habits of high performers and discuss multiple life hacks that can fast track ones success.


Annique Health & Beauty engaged me as their Keynote speaker for their annual conference, held in Johannesburg 2019.

I emcee’d this event and provided a keynote on high performance habits to help their consultants connect with key strategies to improve their personal and business performance.

In this particular talk, I spoke about 5 practical tools that can be applied immediately into one’s life and business to ensure a positive uplift in each area.

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