About James Yates

About Me

Hi, I’m James….

Some people know me as:

The Founder of Reignite Enterprises
Our life long mission is to create unique solutions that support the evolution of consciousness & the enhancement of human performance.

A Peak Performance Coach
I bring to the table all my knowledge and experience to magnify Human Potential, equipping people with the tools that help them live longer, happier & more impactful lives.

International Speaker
I speak at a variety of events and functions around the world, presenting on topics such as Longevity, Performance and Impact.

Curator of the Reignite Retreat
Getaways that are designed to help individuals & teams unwind, refocus and embark on a journey to better health & self-discovery

Those closest to me know me as a Loving Father, Health Advocate and Musician with an obsession for magnifying Human Potential.

My vision…

To do well by doing good. To Reignite passions, dreams and potential. To leave the world better than how I found it.

My Official Bio

Hi, I’m James Yates; a high performance coach, speaker and conscious entrepreneur.

I specialise in both human optimisation & conscious entrepreneurship and I have worked extensively with a wide range of individuals and corporations to improve and amplify both their personal and professional performance.

I believe that to achieve our greatest potential in life requires a multi-faceted approach, with strong investment in our energy, wellbeing, relationships & purpose as the foundation to lead from.

Calling on a wide range of practical tools, techniques and bio-hacks that I have developed and utilised over an 18+ year career, my high impact events, programs, products and retreats are all built on real life experiences that I have tried and tested personally with great effect.

With this experience, I developed a company which represents my life’s mission; Reignite Enterprises.

Reignite brings to market an exclusive peak performance based Eco-System that creates unique programs, products & experiences to support the evolution of consciousness & the expansion of human potential.

I have spoken at hundreds of events across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US, sharing my insights and wisdom with a unique, impactful and thought provocative style.

I have also received praise for a variety of professional accomplishments, including being recognised as one of the World’s Top 3 Home Business Trainers, as well as having been celebrated as the #1 Sales Recruiter for 2 x large multinational companies where I developed, supported and coached various high performers.

I am extremely passionate about helping as many people as possible live their calling and do what they love. I have countless testimonials from people who’s lives have been transformed by the strategies and techniques I have helped them to master.

Based in Australia with my family, I travel regularly to run Reignite’s events and retreats in locations all over the world.


To empower as many people as possible to live impactful, healthy and fulfilling lives.


For more than a decade, I ‘hustled’ to win. I travelled the world as an entrepreneur and worked my backside off. And when I wasn’t in front of people, I was either glued to my laptop or at the gym.

I was living from a space of ego, using it as a protective mechanism to avoid facing personal truths.

Although I was constantly preoccupied, there was one fundamental principle missing across my life – happiness.

I was working hard but it felt that my relationship, my health, and my wellbeing all suffered.

I was burnt out from hiding behind a facade- emotionally broke and terribly unhappy. In an attempt to remedy that, the doctors prescribed all sorts of medication and therapies that were in vain.

And when you’ve been given all but the tools needed to deal with these situations, life is nothing but a dark whirlpool spiralling downwards.

I’m sure you may understand as we have all faced our own challenges at some point. The miracle of life is that it shares its wisdom with us when we need them most.

Everything I teach is based on one simple philosophy – Awareness is key to transformational change.

Modern society has conditioned us to live very unbalanced, unhealthy and fast-paced lives with no pause for internalization, introspection and simply being in the present moment.

I learned the true value of awareness, and pausing to assess all facets of my life, in the defining moment when my partner and I were told we wouldn’t be able to have any children of our own.

That shook me, Chantel and our relationship to the core, impacting us both enough to take action.
The “modern” way we were living simply wasn’t working for us and since then we have come to discover that it was not working for many others too!

From that moment forward, I realized EVERYTHING in my life needed a drastic shake up and it would take enormous internal and external shifts to make that happen.

Not a picture of health! In 2013 I was exhausted, with a body full of inflammation.
Cannes in 2016- gradual shifts taking shape

Over the course of a year, I called on all of my personal resources, mentors and experience to dive much deeper into my personal growth journey.

My goal was to simply upgrade all facets of my life.

This journey coupled the wisdom of our ancestors and advancements in modern medicine to reach the heights of energy and potential. Through adopting the ancient principles of fasting & mindfulness, to understanding and applying fundamental principles of biohacking and neuroscience I have been able to create a winning formula of success.

As a result, my energy began to increase and most importantly – for the first time in many years – I was happy. A newfound sense of fulfilment was flowing from my place of awareness.

This allowed me to optimise my mental, physical and spiritual health…and the rest truly took shape from there.

And when our son was born a couple of years later, the first phase of the journey I had set out to accomplish was complete. My partner and I are living embodiments that the formula works.

Our greatest gift in the world had only just begun.

You see when you open your eyes to the realm of infinite possibilities, it becomes your responsibility help others realize their potential and live their best lives as well.

Through the wisdom and skills I have gained on this journey, I aim to equip others with the necessary skills they need for real transformation to take place.

The more we come together to create real transformation, the more hope there is for the future to be filled with empowered, happy people.

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